About Us

“The Afrobean Echos” is the first professional online magazine aimed at the Scottish African-Caribbean community. It is a voice of, by and about African and Caribbean in Scotland.

There is a long story behind this magazine and to resume it: African and Caribbean are not well involved and represented in the public activities and decisions in Scotland. Who is to blame? …but we can change things. We need to know what is happening, what decisions are being taking and how to participate or bring our contribution. We also need to know who we really are, what we do and how to support one another in our community.

“The Afrobean Echos” ambitions is the solution for the above mentioned situation. The magazine aims to have all what you need to know as an afro-descendant in Scotland: news, information, personalities, businesses and places, different communities, motivation, lifestyle, education, culture….

This website has firstly been created to facilitate the communication between afro-descendants in Scotland. Secondly, the platform aims to improve communication between them and the local authorities. We work for our self-assertion and integration in Scotland and we believe the best way to get there is to be well informed on what is going on around.